All projects create opportunities and have challenges. Greensfelder advises occupiers (retail and office), communities (cities and BID’s), and owners (institutional and private) on capitalizing on opportunities and managing real estate, planning, strategy, and implementation challenges.

The successful execution of a project requires planning, the process of identifying what actions are needed to achieve an overall aim, market and location intelligence, the process of identifying market opportunities and how to position a project to capitalize on those opportunities, and development management, the process of executing the project.

This is true for strategic plans for communities and institutional owners to expansion strategies for retail and office occupiers to positioning and repositioning plans for large mixed-use projects and districts. Simply put, strategies and recommendations must be implementable, and regardless of they type of assignment, this is always our focus.

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Often, coordinating these disciplines can be confusing, and identifying the best path uncertain. The interplay and interaction of these three disciplines is different for every project. For example, sometimes, an A-to-Z approach is integrating all three disciplines is needed while in other situations a strategic plan has been developed but is missing the market and location intelligence needed to execute the plan. At times, a client may look for just one part: developing a strategy and execution plan, evaluating or proving a market opportunity, or managing the project implementation process.

Greensfelder guides clients through these processes from inception to completion including managing execution for clients.

Strategy and Planning

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Greensfelder helps clients articulate and refine strategies, and translates them into immediate, implementable plans that merge the client’s needs with a long-term and sustainable real estate strategy. Areas of focus include:

  • Economic development plans,

  • General and Specific Plan subject matter expertise,

  • Programming for large mixed-use districts,

  • Retail long-term sustainability,

  • Occupier services for retail and office clients,

  • Place making,

  • Coordination with other experts and consultants,

  • Peer review and feedback on strategy and planning exercises conducted by others.

Value Proposition:

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Market and Location Intelligence

We want to answer “why” a project will work. Central to answering this question is understanding the larger market in which a project will operate as well as more specific site-selection questions.

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  • Differentiate between commodity retail and specialty retail demand.

  • Compare opportunities in different markets.

  • Market entry, expansion, repositioning, and disposition strategies.

  • Recommend “market” deal structure and economics.

  • Define market demand (gap analysis).

  • Demographic and market segmentation analysis.

  • Site selection and location intelligence – determine the best place in the market for a project to be located, or what opportunity exists for a focus site or district.

  • Design best practices.

  • Tax credits – define availability and opportunity.

Value Proposition:

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Development Management (Occupier Services)

Regardless of whether the scope of work is a tenant improvement or a programmatic ground-up strategy, the development process is complicated and requires expertise.

Acquisition: The acquisitions stage is the overall process to identify, assess, determine the suitability for the client’s intended use, and acquire a property.

  • Due diligence and risk assessment (inspections, test fit plans, necessary reports, land use and zoning research).

  • Negotiation and execution of a purchase agreement or lease lease, and management of related documents such as development agreements, CC&R’s or easements.

  • Define project scope of work.

  • Establish preliminary budget and schedule parameters.

Programming: During the programming process, Greensfelder helps clients identify specific stakeholder and end-users needs and objectives of a project.

  • Refine project scope of work.

  • Coordinate with market experts such as brokers and economic development professionals.

  • Identify and hire key partners and consultants including architects, engineers, and contractors.

  • With input from partners and consultants, move from a preliminary budget and schedule to a project pro-forma.

  • Meet with city staff to develop a plan to obtain needed land use and zoning approvals, conditional use approvals, exemptions, and permits.

  • Create design development drawings including site and space plans, and elevations and renderings.

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Entitlements and Permitting:  During the entitlement (discretionary approval) process, Greensfelder helps clients obtain required approvals.  Permits are usually applied for and obtained after discretionary approvals are secured.

  • Draft and submit an application with final design development drawings and other required documents, studies and reports.

  • Oversee creation of final architectural & engineering construction drawings.

  • Community engagement.  

  • Continue to refine the project budget and schedule.

  • Start coordination with public and private agencies such as utility companies and others having jurisdiction over the project.

  • Calculation of project review, impact and permit fees.

  • Certifications (Green real estate practices (reuse/recycle, green building practices).

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Construction:  Construction typically has three phases, pre-construction, construction and close-out.  


  • Final general contractor identification and interviews.

  • Constructability, design coordination and value engineering of plans, and processing RFI’s.

  • Project bidding, buyout, and procurement coordination.

  • Construction scheduling and coordination of items outside of the GC’s contract.


  • Project accounting including tracking schedule of values and project schedule.

  • Construction administration including managing RFI’s, shop drawings, submittals and change orders, project documentation, special inspections, and participating in OAC meetings.

  • Ongoing quality assurance.

  • Contract administration and controls including reviewing and tracking pay applications, lien releases, and supporting documentation.

  • Coordination with owner-provided FF&E.

  • Coordinate with owner’s lender (if applicable).


  • Walk-through and punch list.

  • Inspections & approvals for occupancy.

  • As-built construction documents.

  • Coordination for turnover to client.

  • Project / contract close-out, project manual, warranty documentation.

  • Project audits.

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Value Proposition

Tesia, assume a 3-4 line paragraph here.  Not pro-actively understanding and managing your current and future real estate and facilities needs and opportunities, needlessly diverting attention from your core business, incurring unneeded expense, and wasting resources makes no sense for mission-driven growth companies.  Greensfelder will manage your real estate program so you can focus on managing your business.
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